Admission fee: 750 yen (excluding consumption tax)

Fixed monthly fee: 750 yen (excluding consumption tax)

Online subscription method (monthly subscription),
You can only enroll by PayPal or PayPay payment method using a credit card.
When you join, you only have to pay an enrollment fee and there is no monthly usage fee.

You will be billed automatically on the first day of every month starting from the following month, and you can easily cancel your membership. You will not be charged for the following month.
If you wish to cancel your membership, please click the “Cancel request” button in the system.
You can use the service until the end of that month.

However, if the automatic payment could not be executed, a message will be sent to your registration e-mail,
Please note that if you do not execute possible payment again, you will be forced to cancel your membership.

And as for re-membership after withdrawal, including “forced withdrawal”, please follow the same procedures and procedures as when you originally started your membership,
However, the same procedures and payments will apply as at the time of initial enrollment,
Please be assured that your study history will be carried over for 365 days.

Please be sure to read the Terms of Use before enrolling.

Please select your preferred payment method.