Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sales company

Canyon Mind Co.,Ltd.

Invoice System Registration Number



Hiroshi Nishioka


Postal Code 569-1118
2-16-16 Okutenjin-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka, Japan

For inquiries

Phone: 0800-700-5555
Mail: info☆hatsuon-kentei.net(☆→@)

Sales Price

The amount displayed for each applicable digital content or the amount stated on each product website.
(In both cases, the 10% consumption tax is shown as an extra tax.)

Shipping charges

There is no shipping charge for digital content.

Delivery time of goods (use)

The service is available immediately after PayPal or PayPay payment is completed.
In addition, you can continue to use the service after the completion of the payment, as the payment is automatically made on the first day of each month starting from the following month.

Returns & Exchanges

There are no returns or exchanges for digital content.
The admission fee after the free trial is not refundable once the monthly membership fee has been settled.

After withdrawal

In the case of digital content subscriptions, withdrawal will be available until the end of the month in question and will not be settled until the following month.

Payment Method

PayPal payment or PayPay payment